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Nest Pensions

Nest Pensions
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Nest Pensions
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Nest was established by the UK government in order to help UK businesses to comply with auto-enrolment pension regulations. As a result of holding a key position in the roll-out of new pension regulation it is critical that Nest is present in online search results for businesses looking to comply in addition to members of the scheme looking to understand and manage their pension schemes. Our brief was to assist in managing and maximising the effectiveness of their online visibility through search engine optimisation.

Our process

Indulge has been working with Nest since 2016 and has worked on strategies to assist employers looking for auto-enrolment pension schemes and members to manage their pension schemes with Nest.

Strategies implemented have focussed on assessing and managing the technical integrity of the Nest website, the website's content strategy and how well referenced the website's content is from other reputable sources.

Our strategy has helped Nest to manage a website that serves multiple distinct audiences across three different online touchpoints; the public website, the members' help centre and the employers' help centre.

The results

Nest has consistently been a leading player in the online search market among auto-enrolment pension scheme providers. In our time working with Nest the website has grown its share of search by over 100% (benchmarked using SEMrush data).

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